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Just because they won a VMA doesn't change the fat they are assholes


You know what, you’re right they are assholes. I’m sorry I didn’t see it sooner.

I mean when Ash drew a butterfly on a fan’s wrist who self harmed, he was such an assholeWhen they supported the TWLOHA foundation, why would they do that, its such a pathetic cause. Those times they’ve asked to go see fans that have been waiting outside radio stations and stuff, why would they do that, why would they be nice to their fans? Oh do you remember that time they traveled to 5 countries in 5 days instead of having a few days rest, they where being such assholes when they decided to do that as well, they should have just taken the time off. Do you know what was really fucking rude of them to do, it was when they had those ten spare tickets to one of their Sydney shows to give to fans who didn’t have them. They where being such assholes when they did that, like they should have just sold them to make more money.

When you find real evidence of them being rude/assholes to fans, than please send it my way, but for now I’m going to stick with these assholes because I’ve SEEN how nice they are to their fans

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"if you ever need support just think of us and listen to our music"

harry: “lean on me”